Transitional Kindergarten: Students are provided with a curriculum designed to allow for needed individual maturation while providing instruction that is appropriately challenging.

Kindergarten: Students are given a full academic program designed to provide a strong foundation for reading and math. Science, social studies, art, music, and PE are also included in the daily program.

Grades 1-3: Fundamentals are stressed. The students are guided in building a firm foundation of essentials in reading and math.

Grades 4-6: The students continue to build fundamental skills. They learn to work independently and in groups. In sixth grade the educational program is designed to prepare the students for junior high. The development of personal responsibility for behavior and school work is emphasized.

Grades 7-8: There is a different program offered to junior high students. They move between classrooms for a seven period day, including Bible, P.E., enrichments and basic academic classes.

The philosophy of SGCS stresses that all truth is God's truth, interpreted by and integrated with God's Word. The Bible is taught as the living and practical Word of God, relevant to every area of life. Our standard in all things is Jesus Christ, the Son of God. As a parent, you are responsible to train your child as God desires (Ephesians 6:1; Deuteronomy 6:1-15; Psalm 78:1-8). The home is central in the education of the child. Other agencies, such as church and school, exist to support, reinforce and complement the home.

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