Academics Overview

We are dedicated to developing our students’ spiritual life and biblical worldview through their overall education, chapels, and bible curriculum. We hold that all truth is God’s truth, therefore, all our classes and programs are interpreted by and integrated with God’s Word. We desire our students to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior and to begin to emulate an authentic relationship with Him. We teach that the Bible is the living and active Word of God, relevant to every area of life. To this end, we cultivate in our students a desire to know and internalize God’s Word and begin living out the Christian life.

Core Academic Program

We offer a well-rounded academic program in a Christ-centered, engaging, dynamic, and interactive learning environment. We provide a challenging course of study emphasizing reading and mathematics and focus in the core academic subject areas of English, Bible, history, and science. Our teachers combine an academically rigorous curriculum with the best practices in education to prepare our students for high school, college and beyond.

Specialized Instruction

We emphasize the importance of developing the whole child by offering direct instruction in art, digital art, vocal and instrumental music, physical education, library and foreign language. Our specialized instruction develops the individual gifts of our students and inspires our students to excel in and out of the classroom.