2024 – 2025

Transitional Kindergarten – Fifth Grade

Annual Tuition: $12,075.00

Sixth – Eighth Grade

Annual Tuition: $13,275.00

Multi Student Discount

  • Parents with two children in the school may deduct 8% off the second child’s tuition.
  • Parents with three children in the school may deduct 8% off the second child’s and 30% off the third child’s tuition.
  • Parents with four children in the school may deduct 8% off the second child’s, 30% off the third child’s, and 100% off the fourth child’s tuition.
  • The discount for the first, second, third, and fourth child will be determined by the child’s age, oldest to youngest. For example: families with four children in the school pay full tuition for the oldest, receive 8% discount for the second oldest, 30% discount for the third oldest and receive 100% discount for the youngest child.

Prepaid Tuition Discount

If you elect to prepay your tuition by June 1st, you may deduct 1.5% from the total amount. If a student withdraws before the school year begins, one non-discounted month’s tuition will be forfeited.

Tuition Payment Plan

A tuition payment plan is available. Payments plans for returning families begin in June and end the following May. Payments plans for new families registering after June 1st begin the month of registration and end the following May. Payments are collected on the 15th of each month by the FACTS Tuition Management Company.

Please Note:

All tuition payment plans begin with a non-refundable one-month payment. This also applies to those families who pre-pay their tuition and the student withdraws before school begins. For all payment plans, in the event a student is withdrawn during the school year, one non-discounted month’s tuition will be forfeited and remaining tuition will be prorated based on attendance.

​​Additional Fees

Application Fee (includes any necessary testing) (non-refundable): $150.00
Registration Fee/Re-enrollment Fee (non-refundable): $375.00 (Annual fee – all students)
Activities Fee (non-refundable): $150.00 (Annual fee – all students)  This fee is collected in August.