Our Mission

San Gabriel Christian School sees itself as an important partner necessary for the complete education of the whole child. We desire to assist and complement the home as it trains the children to grow and develop academically and spiritually.

Our Philosophy

  • Education is grounded in the absolute truth of the Word of God
  • Christ is the center of all things
  • Human nature is sinful, not inherently good
  • The school’s role is to assist the family in fulfilling their responsibilities to educate their child
  • Christian education depends upon modeling by teachers led by the Holy Spirit, and not solely on educational methodologies
  • The Christian school strives to develop Christlikeness, not simply impart knowledge
  • God’s truth reaches beyond the classroom and is to be applied to every area of life

Our Vision

Our vision is captured in the following statements:

  • To offer a well-rounded academic program with an emphasis on Scriptural integration
  • To create a Christ-centered, engaging, dynamic and interactive learning environment
  • To provide a challenging course of study emphasizing reading and mathematical competencies that results in the development and application of higher order cognitive skills
  • To encourage and recognize excellence in teaching
  • To model the integration of technology across curriculum
  • To enhance the development of students by providing opportunities in the visual and performing arts, athletics, and extra-curricular experiences
  • To motivate students toward service in their local church and community
  • To cultivate a spirit of community in which each school family actively participates and supports the life and development of the school