Enrollment Process

  1.  Return the Student School Application form to the school office. Download the form by clicking here.
  2. The date we receive the application is noted on the form.
  3. All new students will be tested.
    1. Students should be performing at the National Average for their grade level (50th percentile or Stanine 5)
    2. Students performing five months or more below grade level need to be considered very carefully. Either retention or tutoring needs to be considered.
  4. You will be informed in advance of the testing date.
  5. When considering enrollment of junior high students, a personal interview is required.
  6. Establishing order of admission:
    1. Applications of all eligible students in each grade are placed in rank order according to the date received in our office. Classes are filled, then a waiting list is established.
    2. Exceptions:
      1. A family with one or more children in the school and who have an additional child to enroll (for example, a kindergartner would be given preference over a new family).
      2. Special consideration would be given in instances where a family with two eligible children finds one has been accepted and one has been placed on a waiting list.
  7. Children entering Kindergarten must be five years old by DECEMBER 1, students in Transitional Kindergarten must be five years old  by JANUARY 31.