Test Results

San Gabriel Christian School is very proud of the excellent performance of our students on their Terra Nova academic tests. This is a reflection of the hard work of our staff and the student body. We use our scores to help us in making curriculum choices as we constantly review our program. Terra Nova scores are, however, only one measure of a school's program. We also greatly value the character development, growth in a Christian view of the world, and relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Terra Nova 2017

1st Grade

Reading Composite            83%

Math Composite                  76%

      Total                                88%


2nd Grade

Reading Composite             88%

Math Composite                  91%

Language Composite          89%

      Total                                90%


3rd Grade

Reading Composite            79%

Math Composite                  90%

Language Composite          79%

      Total                                83%


4th Grade

Reading Composite             81%

Math Composite                  88%

Language Composite          83%

      Total                                87%


5th Grade

Reading                                88%

Math Composite                  85%

Language Composite          82%

      Total                                82%


6th Grade

Reading Composite             86%

Math Composite                  89%

Language Composite          82%

      Total                                85%


7th Grade

Reading Composite             87%

Math Composite                   90%

Language Composite           90%

      Total                                 92%


8th Grade

Reading Composite            90%

Math Composite                  94%

Language Composite          91%

      Total                                92%

*The score reported is the percentile rank of the median score in the class. For example, in first grade the median (or middle score) would be 83rd out of 100 students tested in reading nationwide.