Bulldog Bulletin: 4-25-22

In this Message from Mrs. Bialon…

  • Welcome Back from Easter Break!
  • Last 30 days of school!
  • Motivational Monday

Panda Express Fundraiser – All Day Tomorrow!

Congratulations to our winners of theCertificate of Creativity & Innovation, as well as our 5th Grade Invention winners!

Thank you so much for your generous gifts! We’re so close to our $50,000 goal. Any amount, big or small helps, and everything goes toward improving our school for our current students as well as for generations to come!

Tell your friends that we are currently enrolling for the 2022-2023 school year! If one of your referrals enrolls at SGCS for next year, you will receive a $500 referral credit!

Join us for a special Master’s University Chorale Performance on Friday, May 13at 1:00 pm the Sanctuary!

How have you used the talents God has given you to bless others?
“All that we have is given to us by God out of His goodness. Our very life, our minds, all that makes us who we are has come from the One who created and sustains all things. But God’s generosity isn’t wrapped up only in things. His greatest gift is Himself. The most generous Giver of all gave His Son, Jesus Christ, to rescue us from sin and death through His own death on a cross. His gift of redemption was the greatest act of generosity because it was the most undeserved gift of grace. Receiving such a generous gift from the most generous Giver in turn supplies every area of our lives with grace to overflow to others. Not to hold, but to give generously—to pour out and “pay it forward”—and to offer to others what has so generously been given to us.”
Foundations by Ruth Chou Simons & Troy Simons

Gabby Hoover